I'm Julia. I'm a former arts and culture writer turned tech geek. I'm currently doing a year-long internship at the MoMA in the Digital Learning department. Previously, I was a social media stategist and community manager at Cake, a branded entertainment agency, and Unigo.com, a student-written college guidebook and media platform.

In my free time, I organize a meetup called Arts, Culture and Technology about, well...you get the point. I'm interested in exploring the ways the internet is helping disseminate information with unprecedented speed and ease, and how cultural institutions can utilize this technology to facilitate education, awareness and engagement. I mostly blog about that here, when I have the time, but I also Tweet about it quite a bit, so check me out on there, too.

When I'm not glued to my computer screen, I frequent NYC's many museums and galleries, classical music and theater productions, as well as lots of divey little show spaces in Brooklyn.


You can find me here: